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PARIS The Prince

Welcome to the PTP FAMILY 💙

"Momma's Boy" (out now)

About PARIS The Prince

Octavio A. Gomez, better known as PARIS The Prince (PTP), is a nineteen-year-old Mexican-Guatemalan singer who hails from Tualatin, Oregon. This artist uses his art to embrace and help people get through their hardships. He tries his best to sing about every topic and experience he went through himself and of his friends and family to help relate to and connect with his fans. Growing up in Tualatin, Oregon, he started playing the piano and drums at age six. At age ten, he sang in the choir of his local church every other week. His journey began in eighth grade when his close friend released a song on SoundCloud which inspired him to start making his own music. After many attempts to find his style, he finally embraced a melodic style where he uses a good amount of vibrato in his voice to make the catchy melodies you hear in “Take My Hand". His sound is heavily influenced by The Kid LAROI, Steve Lacy, and Rauw Alejandro, to name a few. PTP’s versatile sound can go as far as making songs in Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop, R&B, Reggaetón, Dancehall, and many more. His songs give off vibes that range from energetic/euphoric to chill/miserable, to love/blissful to heartbreak/depressed, etc. PARIS The Prince is no ordinary singer/rapper, nor just a producer or songwriter. The emotion that he brings into each and every song is different and powerful which will make you want to stay for more. Lastly, PARIS The Prince’s fans are not just fans to him...but family. Welcome to the family 💙